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I’ve attempted to do this before and had some success until I lost all of our data and past articles which were quite informative. Of course they were written when I was much younger so the contexts were probably a ton different from today. So here I am back at it again. Trust me, I’ve been eager to get the Designworx Media Group News section started. With three children under the age of 6, it gets a tad crazy at times. Never the less, better late than never. It’s Go Time!

What I’m going to attempt to do on the DMG channel is talk about everything from Design to Lifestyle yet try to keep it all on the Digital front. The way I’m feeling right about now, it seems like this is going to be a lot of fun! Design, Digital, Tech, Creative,Marketing, Movie Making, Story Telling, Architecture, interior Design, Sports, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle are my life second to my amazing wife and three awesome children that I am so so blessed to have.

Life’s been crazy of late as you all know with this Novel Corona Virus (CoVid-19) Pandemic which has shook everyone to the core. With all this idleness, it’s allowed me to get back to the things that really matter to me. My family, my business and my legacy. The economy is suffering at the moment in a way that we’ve probably never seen it before. It sucks! We will get through this, we just have to work smart and work hard.

So stay tuned and come hang out for some good talks, good reads, good eats, good laughs and a learning experience that I can guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll be keepin’ it real, ain’t no half steppin’