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Circa 2004. I was young, somewhat green and four years into my long anticipated Digital Media Design career. I could’ve never imagined the wild ride I’d be going on getting into this amazing career that can be the most satisfying ever and at the same time a real struggle…

I registered Designworx Media Group as a business back in 2002 after being let go of from who in just months, helped me on the path to start Designworx Media Group and I never looked back. I bridged about 70% of my freelance clients over and partnered up with strategic elements that would help my business succeed.

It took about 2 years to build a solid team. In the meantime my business partner and I learnt a lot about what we were doing right and wrong, where we could be better and where we have to be tougher. I’ve connected with so many people over the years, and shit! I have learnt so much! I’ve always been ahead of the bunch when it comes to my digital design saavy, just didn’t know how to use it correctly.

We built a model for the business that involved telecommuting and working from different spaces around the globe. Our model was different, I’d like to say it was ahead of the curve. We signed on some amazing accounts and some not so much. Most important part is we continued to learn. It was tough at times to sign on large corporate accounts because they wanted the “Agency” office they could visit every so often and gloat about how great their crappy agency really was. In hindsight, looks like we’ve got a huge advantage now, given the times.

Our portfolio of work is extensive. DMG has completed numerous projects over the years primarily in Sports Marketing, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Luxury Goods and Architecture. Some notable names are Nike, Adidas, Air Canada Club, NHL Hall of Fame Goaltender Grant Fuhr and Mazda GCC are just a few of the brands we’ve had the blessing to work with.