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Yesterday was a pretty damn interesting evening to say the least. A good friend of mine in Jamaica and I were talking the other night and he mentioned to me that he has a “mentee” that he has taken under his wing who is in the Digital Media Industry. He broke down who the company is “Digital Danes” and said that it might be a good idea to connect with him. Low and behold not even 24 hours later, I get a text message on What’s App from the guy. Had a quick intro conversation with him and we ended up having our call yesterday early evening. Wow! what came next was pretty wild!

The conversation started off with the usual pleasantries, making sure that all were safe and healthy while enduring this Coronavirus quarantine. Once we got through the health and safety talk, what has been happening here in Canada and abroad in Jamaica, we got straight into intros and shop talk. THE CONVERSATION LASTED THREE PLUS HOURS! Blouse n’ Skirt! Twas awesome!

I must say for someone who is twenty years younger than me, this gentleman was really switched and an eager to learn. We talked everything from Graphic Design to Social Marketing to Data collection mechanisms that can be put into place to deliver high level, precise data to clients. Combined, we have a strong portfolio of clients and I am serious when I say this… I know that this venture is going to be sweet!

I gotta say that on a couple of occasions I felt like i may have perhaps been chatting his ear off. Not the case at all (I need to get over that insecurity). Talk about a smooth a rolling conversation. It was so refreshing and really impressive I must say so myself. I gotta say I’m quite looking forward to this collaboration to be honest.

Going forward, I’m really hoping that we do end up collaborating with “The Danes”, I see a lot of good stuff coming for our customers in the very near future with this new collaboration. I’m always happy to share my knowledge and expertise with others in the industry that give off good vibes, especially those young entrepreneurs. Stay tuned and stay connected. Blessings.